Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Random Bits from Winter Break, Part I: Year End Round-ups

I just today/yesterday (no sleep makes Jeb blog) handed in the grades for my Introduction to Anthropology course, and then set about taking care of things before I do a bit of winter break traveling.

I won't exactly be on break, as I'll be finishing off the dissertation, writing articles, and preparing the course design for Introduction to Archaeology. But in the 30 minutes I have now before I must shower and catch a cab to the airport, here are some stories I've been trying to put into contextual posts, but haven't had time.

I am writing a couple of more semi-in-depth pieces, hopefully I can post them soon.

First off, the year-end round-ups have begun. Loren Coleman discusses the top 10 cryptozoology books of 2006, as well as the top 10 cryptid photos (and yes, some are very much in the blurry category) and the top 10 Bigfoot stories of the year. EDIT: And now, he unveils his list of the top ten cryptozoological stories of the year. Also in the realm of discovering animals, StrangeArk breaks down the results of the great undersea survey of 2006. Lesley at Binnall of America (more on them in an upcoming post) has the year in UFOs, or rather, the year in UFO stories and books (not so much sightings). Somewhat in the spirit of year-end roundups, Paul Kimball suggests his list of the 50 most influential people in the world of UFOs. It is a mix of researchers, goverment officials, and a smattering of media creators and entertainers.

I am sure more will appear soon, and I will post them when they do.

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