Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stephenville UFO Flap, Pt. 7 - MUFON Arrives in Town

Over the last day or so, the stories have been primarily about flying saucer pop culture hijinks. But this local news report discusses the arrival and initial perspectives of the MUFON investigation team.

Update January 20th:

A slew of reports about the MUFON meeting. Most give a brief description of the atmosphere, and then describe one or two eyewitness accounts. I will note below if any deviate from this standard.

Local CBS television report (with video)

An account from the Dallas News is fair and interested, though it notes the tin foil hats and has an interesting description of MUFON. A Colorado tv station has a profile on MUFON.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram coverage
. The Star-Telegram also has a story on astronomers exploring the sun dog explanation.

Houston Chronicle coverage. And a followup on witnesses that expands to the general topic of UFO sightings.

Cleburne Times-Review travelogue

Update January 22: Intriguingly, 60% of the reports collected by MUFON were not associated with the recent sightings, but of decades-old sightings.

Update February 8: MUFON will hold a press conference in Dublin, Texas in March to present their findings.

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