Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If you are wondering about MUFON Reports, Here is a Recent One

The coverage of the Stephenville UFO flap has focused more press attention on MUFON than the organization has probably had in years, if ever. Several reports quoted the head investigator in saying the analysis and report could take a year before it is completed.

That's about on-par with MUFON's report on the infamous Chad/CARET drones of last year ( whenI made a minor post about them). The report is available here for download as a Powerpoint file. It is worth taking a look at, though I am suspicious of how their conclusions dovetail with a case MUFON is quite invested in. In summary, MUFON reports that the videos are hoaxes, but that the hoaxers are not who you would expect. and that there is a plot afoot.

And here is their interim report on the initial town meeting in Dublin.

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