Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spooky Coincidence: War of the Worlds Broadcast and Roswell

For Halloween, I cued up the infamous Orson Welles -directed radio play of The War of the Worlds. I had listened to it before, but I had not noticed one detail. To my surprise, the name of the farm owner who witnessed the first Martian cylinder crash outside of Grover's Mill, New Jersey is Mr. Wilmuth (transcript).

In earlier versions of the Roswell Incident, Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot are the only eyewitnesses to the flying disc before it crashes outside of Corona, New Mexico.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The CARET Drones - Music Video

Earlier this year, a series of videos created a flurry of activity on UFO-related websites. Headlined by the Coast-to-Coast radio program, the videos showed metallic "drones" flying and hovering near trees and other identifiable objects. Some observers in ufology called them out almost immediately as hoaxes, while many more seemed to agree but held their tongues and passed the videos and speculation along.

I thought about posting about the topic here, but couldn't find anything of interest about it. Now there is. After months of speculation that the videos were viral marketing for films and video games, that they were UAVs, that they were reverse engineered in a project called CARET, the drones have finally appeared in something interesting - a music video. For a band called Drone. Even if the music or images aren't your thing, let it run to about the halfway point when the CARET symbols are put down to the beat. It's nifty.

As noted by others such as Daily Grail and Forgetmori, the video puts to rest any notion that the original videos could not be CGI. The video also makes it clear once again that the boundary between ufology and entertainment is surpisingly thin. Then again, this thing did emerge initially from Coast to Coast, so I suppose we shouldn't be surprised.

UPDATE 11/18/07: Alienware computer manufacturers are now using the CARET drone symbols in its marketing.