Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The New Kind of Ghost Stories

Far more common than the sort of stories I just posted on are those focusing on the explosive growth of ghost hunting paranormal societies. For a variety of reasons the number and profile of such groups has surged in the last few years. The Sci-Fi Channel show Ghost Hunters is typically cited, and I'm sure it is influential. But many groups existed before the show, and are now just more prominent.

In ufology, many old-school researchers and enthusiasts argue that the internet killed the UFO group and flying saucer club. One didn't need to meet physically anymore to go UFO hunting. The ghost groups show this to be very wrong. They actively go a-hunting, photographing orbs, recording cold spots and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). The active element of creeping around in a cemetery or abandoned building has it's own appeal, whereas UFOs are nearly always cited by people who don't expect them. Also, UFOs are political, perhaps too political for many in the very polarized past five years. Interest in UFOs almost inevitably leads into some element of conspiracy theory, and one of the most recent innovations in ufology is the explicitly activist expolitics. Most ghost stories, on the other hand, often feel safe enough for the pages of Reader's Digest.

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